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UP Ianna Noa Nuoro Diagram

NUORO 2011  – The project is designed as a catalyst for urban transformation to redefine the access to the historic center of Nuoro through the construction of an interchange dock for vehicle parking and public transportation outside the historic core and connected to it through a fast, accessible, safe and scenic lift. This integrated system will perform the function of new gate of the city and is then interpreted as an opportunity to differently reveal local landscape as distinctive character of the place.

UP Ianna Noa Nuoro Urban Plan

UP Ianna Noa Nuoro Strategy
This intention to strengthen the relationship with its landscape of Nuoro is expressed through a decisive act of engraving of the mountain, carved and built as a new scene of self-representation for the city and at the same time visual device that provides multiple ways and times of interface – visual and tactile – with the geography of the place. A deep incision which has panoramic lifts as iconic sign that emphasizes the new connection and is associated with a sequence of operations on the ground who work and affect the rock, evoking the ancient bond of the Sardinian people with stone, revealing the geological structure which is the deep root of the genius loci. But also freeing images and colors of the local culture, offering sections of landscape as temporary support for artistic expression. Thus giving rise to initiatives capable of activating competitions for art, strengthening the testimonies of the tradition of murals and supporting research related to the important art museum and future laboratory of the Sardinian identity in Mulino Gallisai. In this perspective, the project is not only as an area of ​​service to the city, but is a candidate itself as a destination, fostering new business, as well as enhancing synergistically the existing cultural offer.
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UP Ianna Noa Nuoro Plan
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  • place: Nuoro 2011
  • promoter: Paesaggi Urbani, Comune di Nuoro
  • program: parking and public facilities
  • services: concept
  • team: Fabio Lepratto, Alessandro Frigerio, Stefano Minini (transportation engineer), Daniele Piludu (engineer), Celestino Sanna (engineer), Laura di Benedetto (architect)